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General Antonio Luna
The greatest general of the revolution. Younger brother of Juan Luna, the famous painter. Editor of La Independencia, whose first issue cameout on Septembe 3, 1898. Born in Binondo Manila, on October 29, 1866. He was one of the propagandist in Spain who were working from political reformsin the Philippines. He contributed articles to La Solidaridad. He was assassinated in Cabanatuan City , on June 5, 1899.
Juan Luna
A genius of the brush and a patroit of the highest order. Creator of the World-Famous painting, SPOLARIUM, which was awared the gold medal in the Expocision Nacional de Bellas Artes in Madrid in 1884. It is also known as the greatest painting of all times. Born in Badoc, Ilocos, Norte, on October 23, 1857. He was closely associated with the reform movement, together with Rizal, LopezJaena, Ponce, etc. He died in Hongkong on Dec. ember 7,1899


Three intellectuals who crusaded for reformed. Killed by garrote in Bagumbayan, Manila on February 17, 1872, for allegedly instigating the Cavite mutiny.

Father Mariano Gomez (Martyr)

Father Jose Burgos (Martyr of the Cause of Filipino Clergy)

Father Jacinto Zamora (Martyr Priest)
(1835 - 1872)

Gregoria de Jesus
Melchora Aquino 1812- 1919

Mother of the Katipunan

Panday Pia 1483-1576





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