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The Philippine Flags



The first Philippine flag was the banner adopted by Andres Bonifacio in 1892. It was rectangular piece of red cloth, with three K's arranged to form three angles of an equilateral triagle.  


Before the Outbreak of 1896 revolution, Bonifacio had made another flag. The flag consisted of a red rectangular field, with a white-rayed sun in the middle and three white K's below it. this served as the Katipunan standard.  



In October 1896 . General Emilio Aguinaldo fashioned out a banner consisting of a rectangular field, with a white sun in the middle the sun lead eight rays - representing the first eight provinces (Manila, Bulacan, Tarlac, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Batangas, ad Cavite) to take up arms against the Spaniards. In the middle of the white sun was a white K, in the ancient Tagalog script..  



On March 17,1897 Aguinaldo disolayed a new at the Naic Assembly. This was a rectangular red cloth, with a white mythological sun in the middle adorned with eyes, nose and mouth. Radiants from the sun were eught group of rays, each group consisting of three rays. this flag was used in the Trce of Biak-na-Bato, o December 14, 1897  


Image:Flag of the Philippines.svg


The Philippine National Flag. The upper stripe is blue and lower stripe is red. Inside the white triangle is a central sun with eight rays. In each angle the sun symbolizes liberty; the eight rays represent the first eight provinces.  

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